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  • Executive And Managerial
    Co-Ordination Support

Executive and Managerial Co-ordination

Organisations, no matter what their size, often need an interim ‘extra’ pair of hands to ‘kick start’ action, to ‘solve a problem’, to ‘drive initiatives forward’, or to co-ordinate a range of activities that are making little progress.

For example, this could be researching external funding opportunities, co-ordinating company and technical information to support a bid application, liaison with Patent Attorneys with respect to Intellectual Property or Trade Mark applications, supporting ISO accreditation, developing and implementing organisational systems to improve efficiency, liaison with external stakeholders to establish effective partnership working or to disseminate information – the list goes on.

JFA can therefore provide interim strategic and operational management and co-ordination support, to deliver your specific requirements, working in partnership with the organisation to ‘move things forward’, ‘get things done’ and ‘get results’.

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